Monday, February 02, 2009

Fianna Fáil Motion to Cut Councillor Salary by 10% Hypocritical

The motion proposed tonight by members of the Fianna Fáil group on Dublin City Council is hypocritical in the extreme and classic cheap electoral politics.

The proposal that each member of Dublin City Council should take a 10% pay cut has been referred to the Protocol and Selection Committee however it goes nowhere to uncovering the real scandal of payments to Councillors at the taxpayers expense?

Will the Fianna Fáil members agree to a root and branch review of Councillor Expenses?
Why are councillor mobile bills paid to the tune of €30,000 per year?
Why are lavish expenses paid to councillors who attend meaningless conferences around the country?
How many councillors in the Fianna Fáil group have taken lifts in colleagues cars to meetings in other counties and then claimed travel expenses?
Why is there no attempt to take 10% or more from the tax-free expenses afforded to councillors which would amass a greater saving for the council.
Fianna Fáil representatives attempts to distance themselves from the mess that their government colleagues have made and to present themselves as guardians of the solution is pathetic and unworthy of council support.