Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dublin Bus 27B and 20B Survey

Survey on Proposed Changes to 27B and 20B Services

Dublin Bus is proposing Changes to the 27B and 20B Bus Routes which may have a major impact on residents who depend on the service. I am interested to hear your views on the matter.

Dublin Bus is proposing to terminate the 27B bus at its old terminus in Castletimon and not Harristown as currently. In addition it's routing from Castletimon will be via Beaumont Hospital, Skelly's Lane, Kilmore Road and back on route at Ardlea Road. With these proposals it's routing from the back gate of Beaumont Hospital via Kilbarron Road and Kilmore Road ceases.

The 20B is now to turn left at the Beaumont House Pub and to continue into Santry where it will terminate either at the current 16 terminus or at the Omni Centre.

For more infomation and to complete the survey see the link below:

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

DCC Need to Embrace Big Screen Event Proposal for Major Sports Fixtures
Tuesday August 17th 2010

This weekend's sell-out All-Ireland football semi-final between Cork and Dublin once again exposes the need for Dublin City Council to embrace the proposal of screening big sporting events for the public to enjoy, as has been successfully initiated in Limerick City over the years. It would certainly be a proposal that private sponsored would be interested in supporting.

With dozens of high profile matches taking place in Dublin over the course of the year, including soccer and rugby internationals and important Dublin GAA and Leinster rugby matches, there is certainly an opening for Dublin City Council to exploit to help screen such events to the Dublin public in a family-friendly environment. It would certainly add to a sense of civic, local and national pride for those who are not in a position to obtain those much sought after tickets.

I will again be raising this matter with the Arts, Culture and Sports Strategic Policy Committee and hopefully, should Dublin be successful on Sunday, the big screen will be available for ticket-less Dublin citizens to enjoy on All-Ireland final day.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Excellent statement from Roisín Shorthall TD

As ESB disconnections mount, where is promised fuel poverty strategy

Issued : Monday 16 August, 2010

The disclosure that the ESB is cutting off supply to more than 900 subscribers each month is an indication of the severe financial problems facing many families as a result of the record unemployment levels reached under the Fianna Fail/ Green government and the failure of the Coalition to deliver on promises to assist low income families with fuel costs.

The Review of the Programme for Government published last October promised that ‘we will publish a Fuel Poverty Strategy by the end of 2009’. Nearly twelve months on, not only is there no sign of the promised Fuel Poverty Strategy but the government has, in the meantime, introduced or sanctioned a number of measures that will significantly add to the fuel costs and which will particularly hit low income families.

Firstly the government imposed the carbon levy on home heating oil from May 1st last, further increasing the cost of a fuel that had increased by more than a third in the previous twelve months. This was done despite the failure by government to deliver on promises by Ministers that arrangements would be made to assist those most at risk of fuel poverty before the levy was applied.

Then last week we learned of the government’s decision to impose a new public service levy on the ESB that will increase electricity prices for low income families by up to 5%, while at the same time boosting the profits of a number of multi-national companies involved in energy generation. It is almost beyond belief that this government would introduce a scheme that involves transferring money from low income families to multi-national companies.

With no sign of any reduction in unemployment, with many families facing severe difficulties in meeting mortgage problems, and with people facing delays in accessing social welfare entitlements, the number experiencing fuel poverty is likely to significantly increase, unless the government acts. In particular the number of homes cut off by the ESB is likely to increase over the winter.

The government must now deliver on its promise to publish a fuel poverty strategy. It must also deliver on the commitment to introduce the vouched fuel allowance that was supposed to compensate for the carbon levy introduced on fuel oil on May 1st and this should now be increased to also compensate low income families for the ESB levy.