Thursday, July 27, 2006

€18,000 heroin seizure welcomed

Today I welcomed the seizure of €18,000 worth of heroin by Store Street Gardai and the arrest of a man in the North Inner City.

Today's success shows that the Gardai are still doing an excellent job under difficult circumstancers but it also shows that the drug problem in te North Inner City is as widespread as eve

Coupled with today's other success, the arrest of three men and seizure of cocaine with an estimated street value of €750,000 in north Co Dublin, it is a good day for the people of Dublin.

The Gardai are to be congratulated for their success and need the support of the community if this good work is to continue

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Ballybough Improvements Welcome

The recent improvements in the Ballybough area are welcome. Following intense lobbying on behalf of the residents I have ensured the following improvements for the area:
1. €65,000 obtained for the installation of a pedestrian crossing at Poplar Row to ensure safe passage for children attending St. Mary's School Fairview.
2. The installation of yellow boxes on Clonliffe Road at the junctions with Tolka Road and Clonliffe Gardens
3. The painting of Ballybough House Flats.
These improvements have been a long time coming and indeed are welcome, if overdue.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Jeb Bush Not Welcome in Dublin

THe following is the text of the speech made at the protest against the presence in Dublin City of Governot Jeb Bush:

'Ladies and Gentleman, as Deputy Lord Mayor of Dublin I am delighted to be here to today to support the Irish Anti-War Movement’s protest against the presence in our city of Florida Governor Jeb Bush.

Dublin is a major international capital and so its civic leaders have a responsibility to make statements on matters of grave injustice no matter where they occur, be they in the Developing World, in Iraq or in Palestine.

The Bush’s regime’s actions in Iraq, of which Jeb is a key supporter, have outraged every right-thinking Irish citizen. The president’s comments this week in support of Israel while unsurprising once again illustrate quite clearly the blinkered and savage mindset of the Bush administration.

Jewish votes in America are obviously much more important than dead Lebanese or Palestinian children. It is important that we shed some light on what Mr Jeb Bush believes in. Governor Bush is a signatory to the ‘Project for the New American Century, a campaign which explicitly confirms what many have been thinking all along of the current U.S. administration.

According to the group’s statement of principles, ‘we need to challenge regimes hostile to our interests and values’. Listed as top priority is fighting for ‘a defense budget that would maintain American security and advance American interests in the new century’. In a report entitled "Rebuilding America's Defenses" they call for a foreign policy that boldly and purposefully promotes American principles abroad.

They say ‘Such a Reaganite policy of military strength and moral clarity may not be fashionable today but it is necessary if the United States is to build on the successes of this past century and to ensure our security and our greatness in the next.’

Against such a background of aggressive militarism Washington has invaded Iraq, a country with the world's second largest reserves of oil. Jeb and his brother George believe blood is a reasonable price for oil even if it means extinguishing the lives of countless innocent human beings.

Today we as Dubliners take a stand against the immoral Bush regime. In the past we have stood against the Apartheid regime in South Africa. We have stood against Israeli aggression in the Middle East and we have stood against the war in Iraq. That is why today again we Dubliners stand together stand against you Jeb Bush.

We believe in truth and justice and we do not believe in your American way. AS long as you support the killing of innocent civilians for the causes and cheap domestic votes, we will stand against you. You are not welcome in our city Mr Bush. Teigh abhaile Jeb– Nil failte romhat anseo. Go raibh math agaibh.'

Tuesday, July 18, 2006



Dublin City Council’s neglect of the wonderful public amenity at Bull Island and Dollymount Strand is a disgrace. I met today with representatives of the Bull Island Action Group who are lobbying for an upgrade of the amenity.

On an inspection of Bull Island today I was very disappointed at what I saw:
The railings leading from the changing shelters are broken and in complete disrepair.
The shelters themselves have to be maintained and painted by the Bull Island Action Group because of the inaction of the Council.
Ladders leading from the Promenade Wall to the water have not been upgraded for decades and are a mayor safety hazard.
Most of the steps are broken or covered in algae, which is causing elderly swimmers to slip and fall.
Last week a young man was brought hospital as a result of a fall on these steps.
The toilet facilities are completely inadequate and the area is litter strewn with mounds of litter left unattended for days.
The bridge leading to the Bull Wall is also in need of major works as the wooden panelling is loose and broken.

There appears to be no vision from the City Council to protect and develop this potentially wonderful amenity for Dubliners. On my visit today I noticed hundreds of Dubliners enjoying the sunshine at Bull Island and Dollymount Strand however the potential of the area is being undermined by the Council’s inaction.

The Council and the Port and Docks Board must live up to their responsibilities and properly invest in this amenity for the benefit of all Dubliners.

I intend to join the group in a meeting with the City Council next month. I also intend to push the issue with Council Questions and indeed to provide funding for the upgrade through the City Council estimates in November.

Stringfellows Closure Good News for Parnell Street

The news that Stringfellows has closed its doors for the last time is great news for Parnell Street and for the North Inner City. The opening of a strip club in a residential area was always a massive point of controversy for the local people and the local public representatives. A major rejuvenation of Dominick Street is underway and I am a member of the regeneration board. Wolfe Tone Close is a new development across the road for senior citizens and the Parnell Square improvements are also coming on stream soon. A strip club was completely out of touch with the family-friendly community that we are trying to develop in Parnell Street. Local residents like Vera Brady deserve great praise for keeping the protests up over the last number of months.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Standing Up for Dublin

THe Deputy Lord Maoyr was woken up at 7am this morning with a phone call from Morning Ireland. Trying to talk to a reseacher from Ireland's most popular radio programme with your tongue attached to the pillow isn't a good start. It appears my statement in relation to the 'Look West' Campaign has caused a bit of a stir. I was trying to make the point that the positive side of Dublin needs to be promoted and if any agency wants to encourage people to move west, then they should concentrate on that region's advantages.
The interview didn't go ahead thankfully, but Galway Bay FM and Shannon FM and TG4 weren't to be detered and so I found myself saying the same thing over and over - in two different languages.
Either way I'm calling on all Dubliners to show pride in their city and fly their Dublin flags proudly this Championship summer. Up the Dubs!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Kicking Ball with Rabbitte and Wall

Ever tried kicking football with a chain around your neck? I found myself briefly in sympathy with David Beckham this afternoon during a photo shoot with Pat Rabbitte and Jack Wall TD to launch Labour's new sports policy. Lined up in front of a miniture goal in Ringsend, footballs where blasteed at us from all angles while photographers told us to jump, kick, head and pass the ball around (this way, that left, right LEFT!!)



The policy is excellent and can be viewed at, The school I teach in as no yard and no school hall. Many of the communities that I represent have absolutely no community facilites. The markets area, where I unveiled a plaque to Johnny Giles last Friday, has produced dozens of Irish internationals yet still has no football pitch, hall or community infrastructure. This has to change.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Palestinian March

I was delighted to support yesterday's march organised by the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign in protest at the Israeli government's actions against Palestinian civilians in Gaza. Despite the poor weather there was a great turnout and I felt proud to stand with them in the face of the violence with their people are be subjected to. The following is a copy of the speech I made outside the GPO:


Ladies and Gentleman, as Deputy Lord Mayor of Dublin I am delighted to be here to today to support the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

As Deputy Lord Mayor I believe that the ambition of public representatives should not be to wear chains of office, but to break chains of bondage, and that is why I am here to show solidarity with the Palestine people.

Dublin is a major international capital and so its civic leaders have a responsibility to make statements on matters of grave injustice no matter where they occur, be they in the Developing World, in Iraq or in Palestine.

The homepage of the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign features a quote from Martin Luther King saying: ‘Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere’.

What is happening in Gaza over the past few weeks is a grave injustice and indeed an outrage. That is why today the people of Dublin stand in solidarity with the people of Gaza and the people of Palestine.

I believe that Israel is using the kidnapping of Gilad Shalit as an excuse to wreak terror on the Palestinian people.
Israel’s targeting of the civilian infrastructure of Gaza such as bridges and Gaza’s main power station has meant that 860,000 Gazans are without running water or electricity, and Gaza faces a severe environmental and humanitarian crisis.
As a schoolteacher I find the violence that the Israeli’s are exacting on children absolutely disgusting.
Perhaps even more serious is Israel’s capture of half the democratically elected Palestinian government and a quarter of the parliament. Democrats across the world must display their outrage at these events.

· Today we are here to put pressure on the Irish Government to Stop boycotting Palestine’s democratically elected Hamass government.

· We are calling on the Israeli government to listen to the family of Gilad Shalit as they call for the hostilities to end.

· And we must also call for the Gilad Shalit to be returned to his family.

The cause of the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign is just. The people of Dublin Stand with you today.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Johnny Giles an Inspiration to Inner City Youth

Deputy Lord Mayor Cllr Aodhan O Riordain has said that Johnny Giles is an inspiration to all young people in the North West Inner City. Speaking ahead of tomorrow’s plaque unveiling in honour of the former Irish International footballer, Cllr O Riordain said that the Markets area is very proud of him:

Cllr O Riordain unveils plaque to Johnny Giles

‘John Giles was born and reared in Ormonde Square and we are delighted to be honouring him by erecting a plaque outside his old family home. My motion to erect this plaque was accepted by the Area Committee of Dublin City Council two years ago and was also adopted by the full council. ‘ Cllr O Riordain said.

‘It is essential that children feel positively about their own area and they are proud of where they come from. Recognising the origins of John Giles will give inspiration to all young people who have an interest in sport. Football has always been the lifeblood of community life in the Inner City, and so it is essential that we honour those who have brought pride to their local area and their country.’ he continued.

Cllr O Riordain unveils plaque to Johnny Giles
One of the many who came to congratulate Johnny Giles

Cllr O Riordain unveils plaque to Johnny Giles
Congratulating Johnny Giles

‘Unfortunately the Markets area has no more sporting facilities now than it did 50 years ago when a young John Giles was kicking a football around Ormonde Square.. It is imperative that we as public representatives work in close partnership with the City Council to ensure that the next generation of young footballers will have better facilities to practise on than Johnny Giles did as a child’ he concluded.

Cllr O Riordain unveils plaque to Johnny Giles

Confronting McDowell

I organised a protest outside Store Street Garda station on Wednesday the 5th of July on the occasion of Minister for Justice Michael McDowell's visit to the station. He was there to launch his new 'Joint Policing Committee' proposals, however the uncertainty of the future of two Inner CIty Garda Stations was the reason for the protest.

The minster has failed to satisfy the fears of local representatives and residents on the future of Fitzgibbon Street and Mountjoy Garda stations. On confronting the Minister he confimed that Mountjoy station is to be lost. It seems incredibly hypocritical to me for the Minister to use an Inner City station to launch a policing intiative dwhile planning to undermine inner-city policing by closing one of the stations.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


I believe that blogging is the new way to go so I have decided to give it a try. This is all very new to me but I am determined to give it a bash, and hopefully it will be easier than leaflet dropping and more fun too.

Last week I was elected as deputy Lord Mayor for Dublin and even though the kids in my class were annoyed that I don't get a house or a car, I hope to use the office to highlight issues of concern to me.

Protesting outside the Mater Hospital at the ongoing crisis in our A&E department

The vote at the meeting was one of the most stressful evenings I have had since Dublin's defeat of Tyrone last summer. While my Labour Party colleague, Clllr. Paddy Bourke lost out on the Lord Mayor position I was delighted to be elected in the deputy post particularly seeing as how my Dad was in the audience.

The first function in my first week was to give out medals at the community games in Santry stadium where I was announced as Deputy Aengus O Riordan! But I then went speedily to Sheriff Street where they know me better and where I was adjudicating on the annual pram race as part of the community week held each year.

Thankfully there was a clear winner and no controversy unlike last year when I was a judge at the silly hat competition in the Lourdes day care centre and almost needed a Garda escort after making an unpopular decision.

I had a meeting with the Lord Mayor this morning (July 4th) and the themes we will be working on for the year include young people, suicide prevention, community facilities and the Irish language.

Táim fós ag dul i dtaithí ar chursaí teicneolaíochta ach ni mor dibh a bheith foighneach! Slán go fóill!

Councillor Aodhan O'Riordain - Dublin Deputy Lord Mayor 2006 - 2007


Taken after my election as deputy Lord Mayor and with Gerard O'Neill, one of my constituents.