Monday, April 26, 2010


Thursday at 7.30pm in McGrattans.
This Thursday (29th April) will see the last of the three televised leaders’ debates in the British General Election. These debates have transformed the British election, and have shown what can happen when the leader of the third party is allowed to stand alongside the leaders of the two establishment parties.

We are inviting you to join us in
McGrattan’s Bar, FitzWilliam Lane
from 7.30pm on Thursday
(debate kicks off on BBC at 8.30pm)
Admission will be €10.
(Finger Food Supplied)

A map showing the location of McGrattan’s Bar can be found at:

This is a social event, and is open to all members and friends of the Labour Party. All proceeds from the event will go towards our General Election campaign in Dublin North-Central.

In Dublin North-Central, we are fighting to take back a seat for the Labour Party. Pitted against Fianna Fail, Fine Gael and Independent TDs, we’re running a strong campaign, made possible by the volunteering and fundraising of members and supporters like you.

I hope to see you on Thursday.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Bank Bailout, 'Economic Treason' and a Tussle with Finian:

Anyone watching Dáil proceedings last Tuesday and Wednesday will have had that sinking feeling that these days will feature in the 'Reeling in the Years' programmes for years and years to come. Yes indeed - the real check arrived for the Celtic Tiger and the Bertie Boom. Don't take my word for it, have a look at the following article in the New Statesman:

Labour Leader Eamon Gilmore took the bull by the horns and called the Anglo Guarantee and Bailout 'Economic Treason' in the Dáil on Wednesday which greatly upset Brian Cowen. Watch the exchanges here:

My press release on Finian McGrath's support for the bank bailout can be viewed here:m

As a result we went tete a tete on RTE Radio's Drivetime with Mary Wilson on Wednesday. Fun fun fun, if it wasn't so serious.

Marino Bus 123

As Marino Residents will know, the 123 bus has again been re-routed to maximum annoyance for the local community as the elderly residents of Marino who depend on this service are discommoded once again.

I have started a campaign for its re-routing and so far have received over 125 signatories to my petition.

To support the petition, please do any of the following:

Email 'Put 123 Route Back' with your name and address to

Text: 'Put 123 Route Back' with your name and address to 086-8190336 (Normal rates apply)

Transport 21

Check out the Spring Issue which details all that is happening in the T21 plan. The report is attached. No reference to the 123 bus though.....

Green Bins Out today (Saturday the 3rd)

If your usual green bin collection from Greyhound takes place on a Monday then please be advised that the service this week will take place today (Saturday the 3rd) rather than Bank Holiday Monday. See more at

Killester Water Supply Problems

The City Council Area Office are working currently on a report in relation to the ongoing water pressure issues in Killester. This is as a result of my request to the Area Manager that the underlying issues in relation to water pressure be dealt with once andd for all. The report is pending and I will forward it as soon as it arrives.

Working to Break Disadvantage with Northside Partnership:

A body of work is being undertaken by the Northside Partnership, of which I am a member. to ascertain how we can produce more teachers from our more disadvantaged communities.

I am delighted that the Northside Partnership have taken the initiative on board to examine practical steps that can be taken towards this potentially groundbreaking measure.

If we can produce educators from within our poorer communities we can go a long way to breaking down any residual cultural barriers to breaking the cycle of educational disadvantage. I'll keep you in touch with developments. Interesting to note the the Inner-City Partnership is to wind down at the end of May.....

Time for some Inspiration from Martin Luther King:

Today (April 3rd) marks the anniversary of the delivery of the following speech which Martin Luther King gave the night before his assassination in 1968. It’s worth viewing purely for the inspiration factor, something which we all need at the moment: