Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Postering Madness

Isn't it time we started to control this postering madness?

Do you agree with the following statement and motion that was defeated at Dublin City Council last year.

What do you think?


Lax regulations relating to candidate postering at local election time have led to practices which are procedurally unsound and environmentally questionable.

I believe that we need to tighten up procedures in this regard, and I have put down a motion to the council (see below) that I believe will address this.

The motion is aimed at controlling the level of postering undertaken by political candidates at local elections in the Dublin City Council area, and at tackling these questionable practices:

* Currently, a candidate can have posters erected before their nomination papers have been accepted by the council.
* There is no restriction on the number of posters that any candidate can erect
* The cable ties used by candidates are regularly left behind on poles and lampposts

The motion ,as outlined below, will restrict the number and size of posters that can be erected and will also proactively deal with the problem of cable-ties that adorn the city's lamp-posts.

I urge all members of council to support the motion, which will level the playing pitch for all candidates at election time.


That in relation to the postering at Local Election time the following

will be the new procedure in the Dublin City Council ‘Local Elections’:

No candidate will be permitted to erect posters without obtaining a postering

licence from the council.

Such a licence will be obtained from the City Council only upon production of

nomination papers.

A limit of posters per candidate will apply in direct proportion to the size of the

electoral area. 50 posters per seat is proposed.

Only posters stamped by the Council can be erected.

Only cable ties stamped and coded by the council may be used.

A maximum postering size of A1 will apply to all posters”.

Following discussion on this motion, it was put to a vote and declared lost