Friday, September 16, 2011

Ó Ríordáin calls for immediate apology from Fr. Banville

“Fr. Paddy Banville’s article published today is an attempt to divert the blame of clerical sex abuse to innocent members of Irish society and clearly demonstrates how many in the Catholic Church are beyond redemption.

“Not only are his comments insulting to victims of abuse and the families of abuse survivors, but they are just as insulting to ordinary Catholics who are bewildered by the actions of their church.

“This is an issue which must be dealt with sensitively and not in with this ‘bull in a china shop’ mentality coming from a priest who should know better.

“Fr. Banville should apologise immediately for this article. The Irish Catholic newspaper is widely circulated in every church in the country and its management should be dealing with this matter with more sensitivity.

“It is the views expressed by Fr. Banville that are doing more damage to the Church than they could ever contemplate.”