Thursday, July 13, 2006

Standing Up for Dublin

THe Deputy Lord Maoyr was woken up at 7am this morning with a phone call from Morning Ireland. Trying to talk to a reseacher from Ireland's most popular radio programme with your tongue attached to the pillow isn't a good start. It appears my statement in relation to the 'Look West' Campaign has caused a bit of a stir. I was trying to make the point that the positive side of Dublin needs to be promoted and if any agency wants to encourage people to move west, then they should concentrate on that region's advantages.
The interview didn't go ahead thankfully, but Galway Bay FM and Shannon FM and TG4 weren't to be detered and so I found myself saying the same thing over and over - in two different languages.
Either way I'm calling on all Dubliners to show pride in their city and fly their Dublin flags proudly this Championship summer. Up the Dubs!