Tuesday, July 18, 2006



Dublin City Council’s neglect of the wonderful public amenity at Bull Island and Dollymount Strand is a disgrace. I met today with representatives of the Bull Island Action Group who are lobbying for an upgrade of the amenity.

On an inspection of Bull Island today I was very disappointed at what I saw:
The railings leading from the changing shelters are broken and in complete disrepair.
The shelters themselves have to be maintained and painted by the Bull Island Action Group because of the inaction of the Council.
Ladders leading from the Promenade Wall to the water have not been upgraded for decades and are a mayor safety hazard.
Most of the steps are broken or covered in algae, which is causing elderly swimmers to slip and fall.
Last week a young man was brought hospital as a result of a fall on these steps.
The toilet facilities are completely inadequate and the area is litter strewn with mounds of litter left unattended for days.
The bridge leading to the Bull Wall is also in need of major works as the wooden panelling is loose and broken.

There appears to be no vision from the City Council to protect and develop this potentially wonderful amenity for Dubliners. On my visit today I noticed hundreds of Dubliners enjoying the sunshine at Bull Island and Dollymount Strand however the potential of the area is being undermined by the Council’s inaction.

The Council and the Port and Docks Board must live up to their responsibilities and properly invest in this amenity for the benefit of all Dubliners.

I intend to join the group in a meeting with the City Council next month. I also intend to push the issue with Council Questions and indeed to provide funding for the upgrade through the City Council estimates in November.