Monday, July 10, 2006

Kicking Ball with Rabbitte and Wall

Ever tried kicking football with a chain around your neck? I found myself briefly in sympathy with David Beckham this afternoon during a photo shoot with Pat Rabbitte and Jack Wall TD to launch Labour's new sports policy. Lined up in front of a miniture goal in Ringsend, footballs where blasteed at us from all angles while photographers told us to jump, kick, head and pass the ball around (this way, that left, right LEFT!!)



The policy is excellent and can be viewed at, The school I teach in as no yard and no school hall. Many of the communities that I represent have absolutely no community facilites. The markets area, where I unveiled a plaque to Johnny Giles last Friday, has produced dozens of Irish internationals yet still has no football pitch, hall or community infrastructure. This has to change.