Wednesday, February 10, 2010

February 2010

February 2010

Marino / Fairview Residents Issues

The following issues may be of interest to residents in Marino. If there are any further matters of concern to you that are not listed below, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time to discuss them.

Fairview Playground and Pavilion Update:
Residents will be aware that I have been lobbying continuously since my election to Dublin City Council for adequate changing facilities in Fairview Park and for a replacement playground.

As residents will be aware, the work on the Pavilion has commenced, as this facility will be a valuable one for local sports clubs and schools who frequent the playing pitches in Fairview Park. While the commencement of work on the Pavilion was welcome the future of the playground was less certain.

I am delighted to inform you that the following e-mailed correspondence has been received from the City Council Assistant City Manager Philip Maguire in relation to the funding of the playground:

5 February 2010
Dear Councillor,

I am pleased to inform you that city Council has received notice of its National Roads Authority capital Allocation for year 2010; there is sufficient scope within the allocation to cover the agreed €1.6m for reinstatement of Pavilion & Playground at Fairview Park.. As previously stated we are currently specing the Playground & we will put it out to tender ASAP after completing a local commumity consultation process and finalising tender documents & design drawings.
Philip Maguire
Assistant City Manager

Council Matters in Marino:
Please see below a copy of the recent question I tabled to the City Manager in relation to various issues in Marino. As you will see, the City Manager has committed to reinstating the bollard at the junction of the Malahide Road and St Aidan’s Park Road:

Question to City Manager City Council Meeting 01/02/2010

To ask the Manager to address the following in relation to Fairview / Marino
· To have the bollard at the corner of Malahide Road and St. Aidan's Park Road reinstated
· To have the old stone road marking at the corner of Malahide Road and Griffith Avenue cleaned and restored
· To investigate measures. to prevent speeding on the Malahide Road, especially on the stretch between Fairview and Donnycarney, especially during the night.

1 This bollard will be replaced by road maintenance in the coming 8-10 weeks.
2 Road Maintenance Services Division examined this location. No works will be carried out at this location as we are prioritising dangerous hazards and this stone does not pose a hazard.
3. This matter will be referred to the local Gardai requesting random speed checks on the stretch of road between Fairview and Donnycarney and enforcement of existing speed limits.

Contact: Shane Satell, Executive Engineer – 2222297
Mick O’Loughlin, Senior Executive Engineer - 2222134