Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dublin GAA's €250,000 Croker Windfall must target Training/Education Initiatives for Young Unemployed

Tuesday February 23rd 2010
As a Labour Councillor and a member of the Lord Mayor's Commission on Employment, I am calling on the Dublin County Board to do its bit to tackle the youth unemployment problem in Dublin.

Last week's announcement of a €250,000 windfall from the soccer and rugby internationals for every County Board in the country offers a unique opportunity for the GAA to contribute to more disadvantaged clubs and to formulate Training and Education Initiatives in the Community.

Many Premiership Clubs have initiated programmes in their local communities aimed at promoting training and education opportunities, and this extra funding from the GAA gives the Dublin County Board a unique opportunity to help get local unemployed young people back on their feet.

By providing free coaching courses for those who are looking to update their skills, the County Board would be benefitting those who are looking for new training opportunities and who wish to get motivated again after suffering the indignity of losing their job, or who are unable to find employment at all.

Such training modules could be expanded to include areas of marketing, event management and groundskeeping that are essential skills that the GAA have in abundance and could easily be shared.

Those clubs in disadvantaged areas who are struggling for funding must also be prioritised by the County Board, as they are continuing to promote a sense of local pride in their communities. Currently one in three young people in Dublin are unemployed. This funding gives the GAA a great chance to make a difference.