Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Homophobic email re: Gay Marraige

Email from member of public re: Gilmore's statement on Gay Marraige - they're still out there people....

Re: Mr. Gilmore's statement on same-sex marriage
Dear Labour Deputy or Senator,
I cannot comprehend how your party leader can use the phrase "moving on" concerning his support of the introduction of legislation to legalise marriage between two men or two women.

This is simply because he (and you) are being bombarded and hammered with non-stop propaganda by a very-well organised and tenacious lobby-group. While I can just about understand how their rhetoric might convince 'radical' students and 'go-with-the-flow' adults, I am stunned that it has convinced you and your colleagues in The Labour Party.

Why two men or two women? Why not a nephew and his aunt? No lobby. Why not a 75 year old man and his 15-year old neighbour? No lobby. Why not a bachelor man and his spinster sister? No lobby. Yet ALL THREE examples are far more NORMAL than celebrating the pushing of an erect penis into an anus in the pursuit of deviant sexual gratification.

Have you much or any knowledge of the sphincter muscle? It's a muscle in our anus, the sole purpose of which is to prevent (or try to prevent) a foreign object penetrating the anus. I wonder why it's there? If you believe in a Creator, can you pause for a moment and ask yourself - why did he / she design a human anus with a sphincter muscle?I know why. You know why.

At least think about Mr. Gilmore's 'progressive, movingon' statement. It is not based on honesty and surely, at the end of the day, one must try to be honest. I hope that you have the intelligence and the character to distance yourself from his statement and to make your own.

Yours sincerely,

(I've kept name and email address)