Sunday, November 21, 2010



Petition to Protest Against Attack on Public-Transport Users

Dear Resident,

I have recently received the following information in relation to bus cuts on the 130 route:

  • The 130 route was stripped last Sunday November 14th.
  • Ten drivers lost their route.
  • The route is now significantly under bussed.

  • The gaps are wider between buses and thus people are waiting longer and when they do arrive, particularly after Vernon Ave they are full.
  • 0n a Saturday drivers have gone from 20 duties to 13, which again means much longer gaps.

It is ridiculous to think that on a so called high-frequency route people are waiting up to 20 minutes for a bus to get to work. Dublin Bus cuts on this routes is affecting commuters capacity to get to work on time, and make absolutely no sense.

It is also unacceptable that no announcement has been made in this regard, and no consultation made with public representatives, or directly with the public themselves.

I am asking for your support for the following petition:

Text ‘Leave 130 alone’ with your name and address to 086-8190336

Email ‘Leave 130 alone’ with your name and address to