Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dublin Bus 27B and 20B Survey

Survey on Proposed Changes to 27B and 20B Services

Dublin Bus is proposing Changes to the 27B and 20B Bus Routes which may have a major impact on residents who depend on the service. I am interested to hear your views on the matter.

Dublin Bus is proposing to terminate the 27B bus at its old terminus in Castletimon and not Harristown as currently. In addition it's routing from Castletimon will be via Beaumont Hospital, Skelly's Lane, Kilmore Road and back on route at Ardlea Road. With these proposals it's routing from the back gate of Beaumont Hospital via Kilbarron Road and Kilmore Road ceases.

The 20B is now to turn left at the Beaumont House Pub and to continue into Santry where it will terminate either at the current 16 terminus or at the Omni Centre.

For more infomation and to complete the survey see the link below:

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