Saturday, May 29, 2010

- Objections / Observations due by June 15th:
See below the substantial planning application lodged in respect of the Butterly site and adjoining sites on the Ardlea Road. Vehicular access to the development is provided at 2 new locations off Kilmore Road and Maryfield Drive respectively.
The final date for observations / objections is the 15th of June.

Planning Application Reference: 2785/10
Registration Date: 12-May-2010
Application Type: Permission

Last Date for Observations: 15-Jun-2010
Main Location:
Butterly Business Park, Advance Tyre Company, Maxol Service Station, Kilmore Road, Dublin 5

Mixed use development comprising of c. 23,705sqm of non residential floor space. 10 year permission for a mixed use development comprising of c. 23,705sqm of non residential floor space and a total of 178 no. dwelling units (total gross floorspace overall of c. 44,175sqm). The non-residential element of the development will provide retail uses (c. 1,158sqm in total), offices / employment generating units (c. 13,396sqm in total) (some with roof gardens), a pharmacy (c. 155sqm), a medical centre (c. 1,070sqm), a crèche (c. 385sqm), a multi-purpose community facility (c. 689sqm) and a hotel (c. 6,200sqm). The proposed hotel will provide for, inter alia, 81 no. hotel rooms, restaurant, bar, and lounge and conference facilities). Ancillary facilities include an outdoor courtyard and a roof garden. The proposed development will be provided in 9 no. building blocks (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J), which range in height from two to six storeys. A basement car park (17,325sqm) is also proposed. The residential element of the development will contain 16 no. 1 bedroom units, 116 no. 2 bedroom units, 29 no. 3 bedroom units and 17 no. 4 units; all in a range of unit types including apartments (135no. ), duplexes (26no.) and houses (17no.). The duplex and apartment units include balconies / terraces. A new centrally located Memorial Plaza is proposed at the heart of the scheme to commemorate the victims of the Stardust Tragedy. It is proposed that the Memorial Plaza will incorporate a Memorial Garden, a sculpture an at night, the creation of 48 columns of light and that this detail would be subject to consultation with the relatives of the victims. Approximately 2143sqm of public open space and approx. 2160sqm of communal open space is proposed and will provide, inter alia, a new civic square, the memorial garden, and a central amenity space that includes a play ground and all informal recreation space. Approx 260sqm of outdoor play space is provided for the crèche. 4 no. ESB sub-stations / switch rooms are also proposed. Vehicular access to the development is provided at 2 new locations off Kilmore Road and Maryfield Drive respectively and includes traffic management improvement measures. Hotel access (service vehicles) is also provided off Maryfield Drive. Pedestrian access to the site is provided via Kilmore Road (2 no. access points) and Maryfield Drive (2 no. access points; one vehicular and one pedestrian). Access to the hotel courtyard is also provided off Kilmore Road. 546no. car parking spaces (98 no. surface car parking spaces and 448no. basement car parking spaces) and 288no. bicycle parking spaces (120 surface bicycle parking spaces and 168no. basement bicycle parking spaces) are proposed. Works to also include a crèche drop off area and bus layby on Maryfield Drive; a set down area for proposed hotel on Kilmore Road; and a pedestrian crossing on Kilmore Road. All existing buildings on site are to be demolished. Site development works to include all site excavation, demolition and development works, including at the Maxol Petrol station and Artane Tyre Company; and all landscaping, services and ancillary works; all on a site of approx 3.2ha (7.9acres).