Monday, November 02, 2009

Cllr Ó Ríordáin Welcomes Rejection of Croke Park Parking Plan

Cllr Ó Ríordáin Welcomes Rejection of Croke Park Parking Plan - November 2nd City Council Meeting

I welcome the rejection of the City Manager's proposed event-day parking plan for the Croke Park area at tonight's City Council Meeting. The proposed bye-laws included a 'residents only' parking-cordon which would extend as far north as Grace Park Road, Collins Avenue and the Howth Road.

I was glad to see the plan voted down as I have many reservations about the report as proposed.
-The cordon would be completely unenforceable and unpoliceable
-The cost of the introduction would be €284,000 and €84,000 every year from now on
-The cordon would merely move the problem from one community to another
The experience from the Croke Park Community Liason Committee, which I was a founder member, is that the parking problem is a behavioural issue with one code which isn't as prevalent in other codes. In my view, better provision of public transport is the key:

-Use of QBCs and better Bus services on Match day Sundays
-Scheme to allow ticket holders free travel on match days in the city centre
-Introduction of a 'All-Star Walk' to encourage pedestrian passage to the stadium
-Extensive use of park-and-ride facilities in educational facilities and sports clubs

It is time now to accept the City Manager's proposal for a newly formed committee to be established with the City Manager, Senior Garda Management, the GAA President and Elected members. That proposal made at tonight's City Council Meeting by the Manager, coupled with suggestions made above, are the way forward in relation to match day parking problems.