Tuesday, April 21, 2009

123 Bus Route Must be Returned

The 123 bus which serves Marino, one of the most elderly areas in the entire country, must return to its original route to ensure that these most vulnerable of our citizens are adequately served. The northward journey of the 123 bus has been changed recently with drivers stating that they could not guarantee passenger safety because of the narrow streets around Marino. This is despite the fact that this route has been successfully manoeuvred by drivers for years now.

Dublin City Council traffic officials in response to these claims have stepped up to the mark and have installed yellow boxes and double yellow lines at points where Dublin Bus declared that they were required. Despite this, the route has still not returned to its original journey, and elderly passengers are now forced to alight from the 123 at the terminus at Griffith Avenue, wait at the terminus until the bus leaves again, and then get dropped nearer to their homes by the bus which still travels southward through Marino as usual.

I am now calling on Dublin Bus to stop this nonsense immediately and to return the 123 to its original route so that the elderly residents of Marino can get the bus service that they deserve.