Monday, March 12, 2007


The opening of the new Docklands station is indeed a welcome addition to the infrastructure in the North Inner City. However the arrival of this new line has resulted in numerous residents complaining to me that assurances given to them by senior Irish Rail management have not materialised.

Assurances from one of the project managers were given that the ground under the tracks would dampen vibrations. However residents say that the rumble is worse than they remember when the track was last in use by freight trains. A difference in noise level is also noticeable and the height of the train is such that commuters will be able to look into houses on Ossary Road, North Strand.

There have been several residents meetings about this issue with CIE and public representatives and residents had decided against a perspex noise-barrier and/or fencing as these would not solve the problems expected and would create problems of their own. Expectations are now realised with the vibrating caused by the train and this issue must be addressed as a matter of urgency.

Residents in the North Inner City have patiently put up with a lot of developments as they understand that they will improve the quality of life of the local area and the entire city. However assurances given by developers, in the private or public sector, must be realised.