Sunday, January 21, 2007


Last Friday was one of those rare occasions when you get a tingle of excitement and anticipation about something you have worked hard on coming to fruition. Last Friday a group of young womwn assembed in Sheriff Street Community Hall for the first training session of the new adult ladies soccer team for the area.

Having started up a Gaelic football and soccer team in St Laurence O' Toole's Girls School seven years ago, I am proud to think that I have played a role in the formation of this team. Many of the girls who I introduced to football as schoolgirls are now of an age to represent their area, through the local Sheriff YC Club, on an adult womens team.

The lack of facilites in our school is well documented and indeed was subject of the Documentary on One Radio programme entitled: 'Playiing with Pride' which can be accsed by clicking on my previous post.

Football gives vital expression to the pride that young people havr in their community. Football fosters positive ethics of teamwork, solidarity, mutual respect and learning together. Football is also Sheriff Street's game and many local people have represented Ireland at various levels. Players like Keith Treacy, Trevor Molloy and Olivia O'Toole are still cary the flag for this community Local poeple are rightfully proud of their achievements ans children view them as role models that they wish to emulate. Hopefully our new ladies football team can do the same.