Tuesday, December 19, 2006

O Riordain welcomes rejection of Alfie Byrne Road land rezoning

Dublin Deputy Lord Mayor Aodhan O’Riordain has welocmed the decision of the North Central Area Committee to reject Dublin City Council’s proposal to rezone sporting land at Alfie Byrne Road.

He said: “The City Council attempted to rezone these lands two years ago and this was rejected by the elected members.

“In a move which can only be described as undemocratic and arrogant, City Council management attempted to dispose of these lands at last month’s North Central Area Committee meeting in total disregard to the ongoing discussion process with the stakeholders who use Alfie Byrne Road as a football amenity’.

“Although this area is physically within the North Central area it is sporting clubs from the Central area that use it exclusively. City Council officials who in my view have deliberately allowed these facilities to deteriorate in order to facilitate rezoning have tried to outdo the councillors and cash in on these valuable lands. ‘

‘These actions are disgraceful, undemocratic and underhanded. Thankfully this issue had been reverted to the Central Area Committee for discussion and our unanimous rejection of the proppsal has been cemented by the North Central Area Committee’.

“These playing fields are a vital sporting amenity to the area and must be maintained. It is now the responsibility of Dublin City Council to upgrade these lands so that local football clubs can fulfill their potential.’