Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Planning Offenders ‘Name and Shame’ Policy adopted by Strategic Policy Committee

Cllr Aodhan O Riordain proposal for a ‘name and shame policy’ in relation to planning offenders has been adopted by the Planning, Economic Development and European Affairs S.P.C. of the City Council today.

‘The people of Dublin need to know that the planning process is fair and works equally for all people. The establishment of The Planning Information Service has helped to educate citizens about the protections that exist for them within the planning system. However many citizens are increasing concerned about the number of unauthorised developments that are apparently going unpunished throughout the city’, Cllr O Riordain said.

‘In my own constituency there have been continuous reports from concerned residents about developers sub-dividing properties into multiple unit dwellings without planning permission and renting them out to marginalized families in scenes reminiscent of Strumpet City. The ‘name and shame’ policy that I have proposed to the Strategic Policy Committee will send a strong message to all developers that unauthorised development that is not reversed will result in conviction in the courts and embarrassment in the media’, Cllr O Riordian continued.

‘For too long, residents of our city have felt that developers are getting away with breaking planning law. From now on, any person or business that is convicted in the courts will face the embarrassment of being named in advertisements in the media’, Cllr O Riordain concluded.