Monday, August 28, 2006


Dubliners should be extremely proud of the efforts of Paul Caffrey and his Dublin footballers. The excitement and colour that they have generated around the city for the past number of months has been fantastic, and is a credit to the pride that this team have aroused in ordinary Dubliners.

Although yesterday's result didn't go our way, Dublin should be very proud of its team. Winning the Leinster title back to back for the first time in 11 years, and reaching a semi-final for only the second time in the same period are achievements to build on for the future.

Because of their success this summer, young Dubliners are wearing their county GAA colours, flags have been flying across the city and a new generation of footballers will surely emerge form the excitement of the summer.

I know Paul Caffrey from his professional capacity as a Garda stationed in Store Street and his commitment to the area of the North Inner City is immense and he has always made himself available to help out with the local schools.

Dubs should be very proud of Paul and his team.